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  History of Erie Island Coffee
  coffee bagsErie Island Espresso Roast
Recently developed, our espresso roast is a northern Italian style, a proprietary blend of five beans. It is smooth and caramelly sweet with no bitter tendencies and a cocoa finish. It has a rich, round mouthfeel and its natural sweetness is easily enjoyed alone, but also as perfect accompaniment to steamed creamy sweet milk. Many people let us know they have never had an espresso this strong, yet not at all bitter.

Craftsman Blend
This blend was created to appeal to the all-day coffee drinkers. A blend of Columbian, Sumatran, and Kenya coffees, it is lighter and brighter than our more Signature Blend, and would pair well with a fruit scone or a muffin
  Island Signature Blend
This blend is equal parts Monsoon Malabar, Costa Rican, Colombian Viennese and Sumatra. It is rich and complex, with almost no acidity and a rich mouthfeel. It is comforting and sweet, and hooked all the partners at the first sip. You taste notes of chocolate for a very rich finish. A perfect pair with a chocolaty dessert or any of our Crush sandwiches.

Erie Island Signature Decaf
Our decaf blend is the same formula as our caffeinated Signature Blend, but stripped down of caffeine. We are proud of our decaf blend, as its stands up well to its caffeinated counterpart in flavor.

Single Origin
Each week on E4th Street we feature a single origin coffee from award winning growers from around the world. Stop in and sample some of the most unique coffee you''ll ever experience.